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Daily Candy online advertisement June 7, 2006

You've been there.  And maybe done that, too.  A backyard cookout of grilled burgers with all the fixings? That was Memorial Day.  A home-delivered deep-fried turkey? It redefined Thanksgiving. There's only one problem:  Everyone's holding out for your next culinary coup.
You'll keep them talking with Mr. BBQ, ~aka~ Norman Wilkins, the man at the wheel of the BBQ bus you've seen around town.  His tiny deli, now inside the Express Stop Food Store, recently relocated from the defunct convenience store across the street.  Yes, he still serves the same delicious home-cooked ribs, chicken, and sausage on a stick, and the ingenious Mr. Q sandwich (brisket, sausage, cheese, and jalapenos)
But here'swhere tomorrow's memories come in: If your order is $50 or more, Wilkins will pack up the Mr. BBQ bus and personally commandeer it to your shindig.  Just the thing to put the extra in your next extravaganza.
How will you top yourself next time? 
Oh, you'll find a way.  You always do.
Mr. BBQ Express Deli, Express Stop Food Store
4331 Maple Avenue, Oak Lawn
(214) 560-8739 




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